We leverage user insights into market advantage

Forge is a product design and development consultancy. Our value lies in our research-driven process, coupling industrial design with electro-mechanical engineering disciplines. Through our in-house prototyping and manufacturing capabilities, we seamlessly bridge the steps between insights and commercialization, enabling clients to rapidly bring quality new products to market.

We discover new opportunities, design, develop and scale to production to best leverage innovations in new products, packaging and user experiences. Whether providing turnkey support or serving as extensions to internal resources, we accelerate user-inspired ideas to market.

The work we do.

Deep down we are makers. Understanding the user, the market, and client needs; it all culminates in transforming a vision into a physical reality.

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How we do what we do.

The way we work has been described as collaborative, targeted, inspired, nimble.  While all true, we understand what matters most to our clients is a partner that understands all facets of product development – not just design, or engineering, or prototyping. All that, plus the tools and experience to discover unmet needs and user insights, to frame targeted strategies and design direction and to overcome internal and external challenges to your product reaching the market.

We’ve encountered challenges from nearly every imaginable source – seemingly intractable technical or production issues, competing demand for internal resources, impossible timelines – and we resolve them in ways most advantageous to our client.

Because, that’s what we do.

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