Aromatherapy Pendant


Define and develop a simple, elegant form and innovative delivery system for a new, fine jewelry pendant that would deliver aromatherapy benefits as desired throughout the day.


Working from the vision of COR’s founder, the team brainstormed a product definition to help guide the aesthetic and engineering development and production requirements.

Our industrial designers and engineers worked together to create beautiful and stylish forms that could incorporate an elegant activation process and an easily replaceable scent wick.  Interim user experience models and prototypes helped evolve the design and functionality.

To accelerate time to market, Forge designed and fabricated production tooling and assembled the Cor pendants at our Connecticut-based manufacturing facility.


A beautiful form with clever function. A simple twist of the sleek and stylish pendant reveals and activates the Cor Wick, which is infused with one of three exclusive oil blends.

The Cor Pendant has been featured in a number of independent blogs, reviews and forums including a piece written by Anna Maltby of Refinery29, “Would you like to Experience My Aromatherapy Necklace”  and a spot in Cosmopolitan’s list of “30 Ways to Feel Calmer Every Day this Month” .

“I was so obsessed, in fact, that I could not stop myself from talking about it — and demonstrating it — to anyone who would cooperate. And even those who wouldn’t.”

– Anna Maltby at