Forge Announces Manufacturing Alliance

Oxford, Conn. & Avon, Conn. – Forge Design & Engineering has completed discussions to form an alliance with a marketing and manufacturing consortium of premier Chinese manufacturers.

With this development Forge can now provide pilot production runs at its recently expanded Connecticut facility and high volume overseas manufacturing to U.S. clients, leveraging the strengths and advantages of each in production planning.

The alliance comprises over 25 manufacturing facilities around Hangzhou, China, a hub for small to medium factories close to Shanghai and Ningbo, among the largest ports in China. This operational and production partnership is managed stateside with logistics, sourcing, manufacturing and QA/QC experts integrated into Forge’s product development team.

The manufacturer base has been carefully selected and vetted to include a broad range of production technologies and processes used in the manufacture of consumer, electronic, medical and industrial products.

The founders of Forge –  Ed Gilchrest, Chief Engineering Officer, and Frank von Holzhausen, Chief Design Officer have assembled teams of researchers, designers, engineers and manufacturing experts to help clients bring insights-driven and production-proven innovations to market quickly and efficiently.

“The alliance broadens our depth and range of capabilities, providing expanded services to our clients, from small design or engineering initiatives to integrated, multidisciplinary solutions,” stated von Holzhausen.

Gilchrest added “This dovetails perfectly with our expanded Connecticut production and assembly space for low-to-medium volume manufacturing. Now with high volume manufacturing partners, Forge can offer clients a full range of options to better plan for strategic, timing and efficiency issues as well as production complexity.”

About Forge Design & Engineering
Forge dynamically links consumer & end-user research, design, engineering and manufacturing to create complete, market-ready products leveraging insights, the latest technologies, materials, and production processes.
This functional integration mitigates time-consuming handoffs to multiple resources at critical stage gates minimizing risks to product viability and time-to-market.

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Ed Gilchrest
Co-Founder & Chief Engineering Officer

Frank von Holzhausen
Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer