Gifts we’d like under our Tree

Ever wonder what designers might want as gifts? Below are our top picks for 2016.

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen)

The voice activated Echo smart speaker (and “Alexa” its AI trained voice) was a hit in 2015 and it continues to attract app developers, product partners and two new branded products – the Echo Dot and the battery powered Amazon Tap.

The connected home is anything but new; however always-on, always-listening ALEXA and its offspring seem to be resonating well beyond early adopters.  All for $49 and guess where?

Seek Thermal – Reveal

A handheld portable thermal imaging device for $399. Anything close to this in features/capabilities is well over $800.  Pinpoint dollars (heat) exiting your house through air leaks. Detect animal or human heat signatures from over 500’. Locate electrical hot spots…

[OK full disclosure – Group 4 designed and engineered Reveal but since we’re running this show it’s in. Nonetheless truly a “world’s first” product that “See’s the Unseen.”]

Everysight Raptor Cycling Glasses

Hoping for a last minute drop in time for the holidays – we’ve been patiently awaiting launch. Heads-up display technology derived from pilot helmets unobtrusively designed into cycling sunglasses.

Embedded look-and-shoot vid’s and images, data display, finger swipe temple bar control interface. Sleek, unobtrusive, comfortable (they say). Have not seen price estimates we would deem reliable.

beta/pilot test program is open until Dec. 23.

Oakmulgee Bike Station Rack

We are not biking snobs – just regular folk who struggle getting bikes up and out of the way in our ¾ car garages. Secure and hang just about any size bike four different ways: seat, top tube, seat post and by the handlebars making maintenance an easier affair.

It also has onboard helmet, glove and accessory storage so you don’t have to crawl over the car you somehow squeezed into the garage to get at your wrench set. It’s out there for $169. Find out more by visiting Oakmulgee.