Aromatherapy…With a Twist

When Coreena d’Alessandro first reached out to Forge, she was a passionate certified aromatherapist with an idea. In her vision, essential oils and the benefits of aromatherapy could be integrated into the life of the modern woman stylishly, effectively and subtly so as not to overpower. From that vision, the Cor Pendant emerged.

As Coreena described what she wanted to achieve, she was very clear that there were certain values and considerations she would not compromise on.  The design, engineering, sourcing and production teams were sensitive to her needs and created a product and process that met all the objectives.

First consideration: the pendants had to be made, assembled and fulfilled in the USA – Check! Forge vetted, sourced and manages parts and finishing vendors from Colorado, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  Final assembly is performed in Forge’s manufacturing facility in Oxford, CT.

Second: Coreena wanted her pendants and wicks to be environmentally friendly and recyclable – Check! The replaceable wicks are indeed recyclable.

Third: she wanted to be involved in the process, including approvals of the pendants’ aesthetic and functionality.  All Check! We have involved Coreena all along the way to preserve her passion and design inspiration in the final product.

This beautiful aromatherapy jewelry piece hides a clever secret; a mechanism for releasing the scent of custom essential oil blends meant to enhance the wearer’s day. Eliminating the messy, complicated handling methods of competitive aromatherapy jewelry, Cor’s simple and elegant design encases a Cor Wick, infused with one of three essential oils developed by Coreena to deliver mood enhancing aromas.

Cor has been featured and mentioned in a number of online reviews and independent blogs including “Would You Like To Experience My Aromatherapy Necklace?” by Anna Maltby of Refinery29 and was one of Cosmopolitan’s “30 Ways to Feel Calmer Every Day this Month”

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