Seek Thermal



Thermal imaging technology dates back to the 1950s and has evolved predominantly in military, public safety, and sophisticated industrial applications. Price and complexity has historically kept availability out of reach from consumers, tradesmen, and untold numbers of others who could benefit from technology’s potential applications.

Seek Thermal’s launch of Reveal—a smartphone-based thermal imaging camera retailing for under $400—has broken all of these barriers.

With Reveal, Seek desired to adapt the technology into an intelligently designed device that was portable, battery-powered, and affordable.

Forge’s design and engineering team optimized the Reveal’s size, ease-of-use, and durability. The resulting design is being used in a widening universe of indoor, outdoor, and “behind the wall” applications including home security, maintenance, and repair. New applications and possibilities are being explored and discovered every day.


Forge designers and engineers optimized the Reveal’s size, ease-of-use and durability for use in an ever-widening universe of applications.

Capabilities utilized:

  • Form/Style Audit
  • Product Design
  • Manufacturing Engineering


Since its launch, Reveal has exceeded sales expectations and is quickly expanding into new application areas for law enforcement sportsmen, DIY’ers, and others.