The Scotts Company needed help to bring a new perspective to gardening challenges that have turned consumers away from seed gardening and towards purchasing more expensive starter plants.

For most would-be, and many experienced, gardeners it was guesswork with poor outcomes often the result.


Intensive ideation and an  iterative research and design process resolved materials, ease-of-use and engineering challenges in the development of Scotts Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Seed Pods.

Multiple-region ethnographic research with  gardeners, interviews with agronomists and consumer focus groups fed the Gro-Ables Ideation Session which spawned the beginnings of a recognizable form for the pod and unique features to enhance growing success.

Our design team  worked closely with Scotts to leverage their knowledge base around growing media and existing resources for compostable materials.

Forge engineers worked extensively with Scotts and their production partner to help develop an efficient manufacturing process and scale to high-volume production.


Gro-ables provide an ideal growing environment with the exact combination of nutrients, enriched soil and seed in every easy-to-plant and compostable pod.

Rolled out initially online, our packaging design team also developed a space efficient and protective package for safe shipping.

Gro-Ables Seed Pods earned a coveted Industrial Design Excellence Award  and is a strong performer in Scotts product portfolio.